Why Electronic Drum Sets are Quickly Taking Over the Drumming World

When electronic drum kits first entered the market, many thought they would simply be a passing fad. However, several years later, they are still here and show no signs of leaving. It doesn’t matter whether you do or don’t like them, the fact is that they are here to stay.

Speaking of which, Drum Kit Digital has a comprehensive review of some top-rated digital drums and what makes them special. And so you may know, some sought after brands including Yamaha, Roland, and Alesis. Every year, these companies continue to improve the range of digital drum kits they offer.

With that in mind, here are several reasons why electronic drum sets are slowly taking over the world:

Ease of Access


In as much as they are popular, electronic drum sets cannot compete with acoustic drums when it comes to proper sound rendition. During live band performances, you can tell how electric drum kits strain to produce clear sounds. The clicks and clacks produced when the sticks hit the mesh is audible even over the speakers. Also, some drum enthusiasts claim that the rubber pads and mesh don’t have the same bounce as acoustic drums.

Electric drums are best suited for practice sessions and places where loud sounds are prohibited. Prior to electronic drums, drummers around the world had to limit their play sessions to particular places and times of the day. But with the introduction of electronic drums, drummers could now play anywhere, anytime silently through their headphones. This was a welcome advantage for those who did not have basements or garages to practice from and lived in apartments.

Companies then began to catch onto the fact that many drummers preferred practicing on electronic drum sets, with earphones on, then having to walk to a studio or theatre hall to practice on acoustic drums. Companies have gone on to create digital drum kits that offer more connectivity options, quiet features, and pocket-friendly prices. As we continue to make greater advances in technology, it is expected that companies will come up with even better features for electronic drum kits.

The hope is that technology will soon allow for electronic drum kits to produce the same sound as acoustic ones. When this happens, there is a likelihood that many drummers will prefer using an electric drum kit over an acoustic one.

Recording Features


Recording features are one advantage that electronic drum sets have over acoustic ones. With acoustic drum sets, you will need multiple microphones, a relatively sound-proof room, and the technical knowledge to connect all the instruments together. Also, with acoustic drum sets, you would need to record in a professional studio for the sound to come out right, as opposed to recording in a bedroom. And let’s face it, how many times would you have access to a high-end professional recording studio? Recording studios will cost time and money, something that not many people have.

The beauty of an electronic kit is that it lets you record sounds that sound as professional as if they were recorded in a high-end studio. You can even artificially change features like room size and mic placements whenever you feel like it. And all your recording sessions are saved to your computer and you get to switch out the drum parts and even change them later. How cool is that? This nifty feature has helped thousands of musicians record and release songs faster than they would have if they were relying on acoustic instruments.

Future Possibilities


Children nowadays are exposed to technology at a younger age and because of this, they are developing shorter attention spans. Even though acoustic drums will always remain superior, electronic drum kits are offering more options that are suitable for younger minds trying to learn how to play the drum. Digital drum kits offer them hundreds of percussion sounds that they may not have been able to experience on acoustic sets. This means that they can experiment with different sounds quicker, which can help them develop skills faster.

Also, since electronic kits are easily accessible, more and more children will be able to get their hands on these kits and start practicing. This exposure and growing interest in drumming will push companies like Yamaha to produce even better electronic drum kits.