Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The average user uses Instagram to check out amazing photos and videos posted by brands, influencers and friends. Businesses go to Instagram because they know that users are more likely to engage with them than on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram is best for businesses but you need to make your profile stand out. This takes a lot of tweaking and customizations. The profile you make should capture the attention of your audience successfully. Follow the tips below to optimize your profile for profitable business outcomes.

Switch to a Business Account

A personal business account won’t give you the potential that a business account provides. Over 30 million businesses are already utilizing Instagram Business accounts to make use of promotional tools and helpful analytics.

With a business account, you can access analytics that shows growth of your followers and performance of posts.

A business account gives you the capability include a contact button on the page so that your audience can send direct messages, emails or SMS to you, making customer support easier.

Create the Right Link

Instagram restricts you to a single link across the entire account. With only one shot at making the URL work for your business, you need to be strategic. Many marketers don’t take the link seriously, which makes it useless on their profile.

Don’t just post any link on the profile. What you need is a link that you can track so that you know how many people have visited the link.

Use Multi-grid Images

You need to design a profile that speaks volume about your business. You can’t make a statement better than by use of the right images. This is ideal if you have large images that might not work when you crop them.

If you upload various images that users can’t decipher, you make your followers to become curious regarding what you offer. Most of the users in the audience decide to check out your profile so that they can see the image clearly.

Go for Follower Quality Rather Than Quantity

It is a huge and terrible understanding that having many followers helps you stand out. Truth is that you need to have the right kind of followers that are interested in your products. You need to engage the right kind of audience as compared to having many followers just to add to the numbers.

We have so many tools that you can use to find followers, engage them and monitor the performance of your page. These bots are many, which needs you to research and find the right one. The Small Business Bloglooks at Buzzoid, one of the top automation tools, what it can do for you and the available purchase plans.

In Closing

It takes more than just an image on your profile to rake in business and gain attention on Instagram. You need to build the perfect bio as well. This bio includes the right link, using images creatively, and getting the right followers.