Tips to Give your Instagram a Makeover

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to showcase your brand. And there is a big audience – one billion plus active users every month.  What this means is that your account has to be slicker than average. Here’s how to do it;

Get Closer

Of course, if you’re on Instagram, you must have a camera (or a smartphone). Latest cellphones have super powerful cameras that can add shine to your images. So, be sure to get closer to the camera to give your photos more depth.  Plus, it allows you to have more control over the lighting.

Don’t Zoom

While you may not know it, your smartphone comes with an integrated zoom function. Okay, most cameras have this function. It, therefore, doesn’t make any sense to zoom your image further after you have taken it.  Instead, crop your photos to get rid of parts and background that you don’t want.

Expert Tip – Even as you look to give your Instagram a makeover, you should take time to learn more about automation and the best services to use. Be careful though not to lose your money by choosing the wrong company.

On that note, look at to discover some of the best Instagram automation services and the alternatives to one called Instagress.

…Moving On with Instagram Makeover Tips

Don’t Filter

The last thing that you shouldn’t do if you want to make your images look unique is to filter them. Why? There are not as many filtering options so soon, or later your photos will be looking like everyone else’s. Don’t even talk about apps that offer the same thing but using different names.

Sure, filtering will enable you to do tweaks such as sharpness, contrast, and color temperature. However, you shouldn’t use it so much – edit your images instead.

Avoid Blurring

Again, your smartphone’s camera will give you an image with reasonable depth. The built-in lenses and sensors will blur the background significantly. So, avoid using fake blur in a bid to making your photos appear unique – faking it will most likely make things worse.

Use a Camera App

Consider using a camera app if your phone runs on Android or iOS. The idea is to get some aspects of your image correct without trying too much. These apps come in handy when taking facial photos. Some of the apps you may use include Camera Awesome by SmugMug.

The Bottom Line

The competition to stand out on Instagram is at an all-time high. And, it will keep increasing as more and more people join the platform. Still, that doesn’t mean that you must have a problem making your account stand out.

At times, it is all about thinking about the box to make your images look different from everyone else. On top of the tips above, don’t forget to keep your lens clean. More than that ditch the flash and only use it when necessary. And oh, make sure that you stick to the rules of photography.