Tips to Protect your Legal Claim After a Car Accident

Whether you’ve paid for your car in full or you’re under a financing plan, you should know how to safeguard your right to compensation following a collision. Speaking of financing here’s a solid resource if you’re scouting for an affordable plan that can help you own a good used commercial vehicle. Moving on, these practical tips will ensure that you can claim what is rightfully yours after a crash.

Get the Police Involved

Make it your priority to call the police following a car accident, the seriousness of the crash notwithstanding. Police reports are critical when establishing facts and more importantly showing that the other driver is to blame for the crash. With a police report in hand, dealing with a claim adjuster in regards to where liability lies becomes easier.

Get Relevant Information and Take Photographs

Take pictures of the accident scene and collect the names of witnesses as well as their contact information. Use your phone’s camera for photographs of the vehicles, road conditions, injuries and skid marks. Sure, the police may take pictures, but having your photos will further cement your evidence. Be sure to store the images, preferably in an external device.

Call a Your Nearest an Attorney

Before you file an insurance injury claim, get in touch a personal injury lawyer in your area. An attorney will not help you avoid common legal mistakes that may ultimately determine the outcome of your case. Additionally, an experienced lawyer is familiar with various provisions and how they can affect your case. Based on your medical records and bills, he or she will help estimate the value of your claim. Of course, the attorney will represent your interest with the aim of ensuring that you get the best possible resolution.

Seek Medical Attention

After a car accident, it is only reasonable to seek medical attention even when physical injuries are not apparent. Finding immediate medical care will help examine the extent of your injuries and the best treatment option. Besides, seeing a doctor soon after a car accident will serve as proof that the injuries sustained was as a result of the collision.

Don’t Record a Statement with the Claim Adjuster

As stated, the insurance company will seek to protect its interest first before they can address yours.  Never make a recorded statement with a claim adjuster. In fact, let your attorney handle claim adjuster on your behalf. While some of the questions asked might come across as “innocent,” the claim adjuster is, in reality, looking for a loophole that would harm your case.

The Bottom Line

Have a realistic outlook about how much your case may be worth. An insurance accident claim will most often cater for medical expenses, lost wages and realistic costs for your pain and suffering during recovery. Factors such as insurance limits, the severity of your injuries, length of treatment and physical impairments as well as permanent disfigurement will determine your settlement amount. Even then, you will know what to expect at the conclusion of your case.