Things you need to buy for your new house

There are so many things you need to remember when you move into a new house that it’s almost certain that you’ll forget or overlook a number of them. Most of the time this will just lead to a minor inconvenience before you can rectify the problem. In some cases, however, it could be more serious than that. Here are some of the items you don’t want to be without when you move into a new home:

Making sure everyone is safe is a priority. One of the biggest dangers in many homes is the risk of fire. Hopefully you’ll be using furniture, carpets and curtains which are made of fire resistant fabric. If you have a log or coal burner, you will have already had the chimney swept to avoid the build-up of smoke inside the house. If you haven’t done these things, you should arrange to do them quickly and don’t use your fireplace until the chimney is swept. More urgently, if you haven’t installed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, do it right away.

Sticking with security, ensure that all your doors and windows are secure. If you have old-fashioned locks, arrange to get the changed. Dead bolts are probably the most secure option. Installing an intruder alarm and a surveillance system may be options you might want to consider, especially if you live in a sketchy neighborhood. One essential piece of kit is a flashlight. This comes in handy in many different situations. You may not have yet fitted outside lighting (another thing to add to your to-do list), you may want to pick vegetables after sunset, there may be a power outage. A flashlight and spare batteries are household essentials.

A fire extinguisher is another essential piece of kit. Don’t bury this under coats or boxes at the bottom of a cupboard. You might as well not bother getting one. Keep at least one on each floor of the house and in a place which is easily accessible. Train every member of your household how to use it. A fire blanket is a useful purchase, too, for the same reasons.

Next up, get yourself a first aid kit, complete with scissors, band aids, thermometer and so on. Keep it with any other medication you take, paracetamol etc. As with most of this stuff, you don’t want to have to use it, but you don’t want to be without if when you have to use it.

For further safety, get a front door mat and a shoe rack. This gives you double protection from any dirt (or worse) that people have trodden in outside, getting stuck in your carpet indoors. Floor mats for the bathroom floor will ensure people don’t slip when it’s wet. A rubber mat for the shower will do the same for when people are washing themselves.

Onto the house itself – there may be existing hazards when you move into the house – loose floorboards, loose carpet on the steps etc. Get these dealt with as soon as possible. Even if there aren’t any obvious hazards, it doesn’t mean they can’t develop over time. Prepare yourself and your family by getting the right tools you need to address such problems, from places like  and others.

Other things that you’ll need to make sure you’re not without include things like shower curtains and toilet plungers. You can survive a while without them, of course, but it’s inconvenient and time-wasting to have to clear water off the bathroom floor every time you shower, and dealing with a blocked toilet without a plunger is just not pleasant at all.

Less disastrous if you forget them, but still a huge pain in the neck, are things like clothes hangers. If you’re without these you’ll end up folding shirts and placing them in piles, which will inevitably end up creasing them and forcing you to iron them again (assuming you remembered to get an iron and ironing board). Pick up some cheap ones from the dollar store. If you don’t like them, get some nicer ones later and give yours to a charity shop or someone else who is moving house.