The Four Criteria You Should Base Your Bluetooth Speaker Purchase On

The advent of streaming media services has made listening to music a very simple process. Any smartphone or a tablet with your preferred music application and a pair of Bluetooth speakers is more than enough for you to enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

Now that streaming media has experienced exponential and continuing growth, it’s not surprising that there are so many new and exciting Bluetooth-enabled speakers out in the market today. These little powerhouses come equipped not only with Bluetooth connectivity, but also an auxiliary output, exceptional sound quality and immense power (especially for the models on the highest end), and above all, portability and convenience.

Yes, you can get sound quality from such small devices; even an audiophile will admit that for their size and design, some models can give vintage hi-fi a run for their money, at a fraction of their size. The thing is, with the depth and breadth of choices available, it’s so easy to make a bad purchase.

Well, until now. See, we have come up with four of the most important things to consider before you make your purchase – regardless of whether you buy an entry-level Bluetooth speaker, or those at the top of the food chain. These will ensure that YOU get the features that YOU need for YOUR enjoyment.

Let’s not beat around the bush any further. We’ve got the four most important tips for you to choose the best model according to your needs without wasting your time and your money, so let’s go right ahead.

Battery Life

Battery life, without a doubt, is one of the most important factors you have to consider before you buy, just like you would for your smartphones and your tablets. If you travel often, you’ll want to have long lasting power, such as models that can have as much as 10 hour battery life. If, on the other hand, you plan to mainly use it to entertain friends and family, then you can spend for higher quality but lesser battery life, which is offset by plugging it into a socket.


The size of Bluetooth speakers are an important factor too; on the other hand, you don’t want to sacrifice sound quality for portability. Smaller speakers will tend to have lower output and weak low ends; you can get the best of both worlds by buying a speaker that has just the right power to brighten up a room, while still being compact enough to not have to lug around.

Number of Speakers

Portable speakers often use a single speaker for both channels; this is often the case especially for smaller ones. Like I said, smaller speakers will sacrifice sound quality for greater portability and battery life, and is in itself an inevitable compromise. A good Bluetooth speaker for all purposes is one that has a stereo system, a woofer for lower ends, and a channel for high frequencies to provide the best sound at a small size. Space in between the speakers will also provide a wider range and better frequency response.

Volume Capacity

What good is a speaker if you can’t get good volume out of it? Make it a point to check out their wattage, and test out whether it lives up to its billed capacity while you’re still in-store. Some may advertise high wattage, yet don’t mention that the sound will be distorted and overdriven. Wattage is undoubtedly important, but not the be all and end all of speakers; it’s a very important factor nonetheless for higher-end speakers.

You can check out a great selection of Bluetooth speakers of all price ranges and of all capacities in the reviews made by iThingum. You will find just how important these four factors are when you do.