How Technology Has Impacted our Daily Lives in the Modern Day

Compared to a few decades ago, our lives have gradually changed over time with technology now fully embedded in both our professional and private lives.  The dependence we have afforded technology in our lives is so much such that we can hardly get through a day without it. The best part is that technology has become much more affordable to the middle-class households and also the ordinary person. For instance, just a few years ago, home automation was only meant for the high-end spectrum of the market, yet, most households today can automate different aspects of their homes without having to spend a fortune. The cost effectiveness is enabled by the advent of smart devices that can be integrated into affordable automation systems with the same level of control. With continuing innovations and rapid technological advancements, technology is only going to become more accessible to the ordinary people. For the purpose of this article, let’s shift out attention and look at ways in which technology has impacted our daily lives.

Communication and Interaction

Traditionally, communication involved writing letters and posting them, talking over phones for hours as well as sending faxes.  The primary means of communication in today’s workplace is through emails which is faster, reliable and much better. Also, constant online connections have enabled and further enhanced instant communication between individuals irrespective of the distance separating them.

Today, technology has entirely changed how we work, conduct business and interact with one another. Offices today are characterized by mainframe servers and other modern innovations. Video conferencing, laptop computers and tablets are the order of the day. Meetings are held without the need for people traveling long distances to attend, and traditional marketing has been beaten by online marketing methods, which seem to be more reliable and cost efficient. More employees in the modern day are part of virtual teams that work in collaboration to achieve set goals without sharing an office. This is happening in small businesses and large corporations alike in rural areas, cities or anywhere in between.

Smart Homes

Home automation is one of the main pointers towards the Smart Future we’ve been looking forward to. Smart homes are now a reality that applies to new home designs or homes undergoing renovations or redesigning. The industry is growing at a rapid rate with millions of smart home products now readily available in the market. The idea behind home automation is inspired by the need to enhance connectivity beyond just computers and phones to other devices.

Smart homes offer numerous advantages and more control to homeowners compared to the conventional home. Some of these benefits include additional luxuries and comforts, improved security, and more friendly homes. With smart homes, you can remotely control a broad range of aspects in your home including locking and unlocking door locks, drawing curtains, turning on and off the air conditioning unit and other electrical devices as well as monitoring what is happening via a live feed.

Robotic Devices

The advent of robotic machines has taken the burden off homeowners when it comes to carrying out some unbearable chores. In the modern day, you can have your lawn trimmed or your house vacuumed by a robotic machine. Even better, some of these intelligent devices come with software that allows you to program them to carry out these tasks at certain times during the day irrespective of whether you are home or away on a trip.  These smart devices come at different sizes and prices to fit the unique needs of different users. They help us to conduct these tasks without lifting a finger and keeping our homes clean and well-maintained.

Access to Information

Technology has changed how we used to learn since information is now easily and readily accessible on the go. GPS and Google maps can lead us to places we’ve never been without getting lost or even asking anyone for directions. Similarly, people no longer carry books around if they don’t feel like it. With soft copies readily available on the internet, you can search for whatever you want to read on your smartphone, tablet or e-readers. Breaking news are instantly sent to our inbox and spread like wildfire on the internet, especially across the social media platforms. You no longer have to stay tuned for the top of the hour news or buy a newspaper every day. With modern technology, information has never been easier to access.


With some of the well renowned and reputable companies worldwide at the forefront of new technological innovations, there’s no doubt that there is a lot to look forward to in the future. The proliferation of smart devices, the emergence of smart home technology and robotic machines, is an indication that the society has not only embraced technology but also that there is an apparently insatiable desire to lead smart lives.

That desire is understandable and not misplaced considering how much technology has made life easier and more fun. Whereas some people may rightly argue about the disadvantages of over-relying on technology, it is quite apparent that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far. Therefore, with visible signs that technology is here to stay, it is high time we came to terms with the reality and embrace the changes it has brought upon us.