Self Storage Unit FAQ

Whether you are moving to a new residence or you need to free up some space in your home or office, making use of the right self-storage facility can be the best solution. Today we look at some of the common questions regarding self-storage facilities.

Who Uses Self Storage?

Here are various people that use self-storage units:

    • Homeowners who are moving out for a holiday
    • People that have moved to a new city for a work assignment.
    • Business owners that are looking for extra space to store their stock.
    • If you are refurbishing your home and you need a temporary storage space.
    • People that have downsized their homes and need some temporary storage.

These scenarios are ideal for a self-storage unit.

What Can Be Stored in a Self-storage Unit?

You can store any type of belongings in a self-storage unit. This can include furniture, sports items, fitness, cars, documents, clothing, wines and more. The items you store need to be able to fit in the storage. Anything as small as a file folder or as big as a car can be stored in the facility.

What Is The Level of Security?

You need to know that padlocks and security gates won’t stop a burglar from entering any premises. This is why self-storage unit providers make use of extra-special locks that make sure the items are properly secured. Once you lock the unit, no one can gain access to it at any time.

The storage facility also uses surveillance cameras and has installed alarms on every door of the facility.

How Much Do You Pay?

The right self-storage facility, such as offers various units to choose from. The kind of unit you pick should match with your storage needs. For instance, you don’t need such a huge unit when all you have are a few bags to store. You also need a lot of space for a boat or a vehicle.

The amount you pay depends on the size of unit you need and for how long you will use the unit. If you need a large storage unit, expect to pay more as well.

The Bottom-line

When you need to store something over a short time, a self-storage unit is what you need to help you transition from one place to another or to store items as you find a bigger residence. Take time to understand your needs before you choose the perfect unit.