Safety, Maintenance and Troubleshooting for your Blender

An excellent addition to your kitchen appliances is a blender.  Useful for making your own smoothies, baby food purees and preparation of cooking ingredients not to mention blending soups.

Using it safely and maintaining it will make it last longer and keep it working efficiently for you.

All about your blender jar

Using and loading your blender jar

  • B000CSNVE2-1First place liquids
  • Secondly high moisture foods
  • Thirdly softer foods
  • Lastly place ice and solid items on top
  • Ensure the lid is secure and tight
  • Place the blender jar onto the base
  • Never completely fill your blender, make sure there is room for mixing and expansion
  • Check the maximum level, around 2/3 full is about right

Cleaning your blender jar

  • CSB-75BCA simple way of cleaning the empty jar is by adding a mix of warm water and few drops of washing up liquid
  • press the pulse button for 5 seconds
  • Then rinse it thoroughly.
  • You can do this a few times for a very sticky mess.
  • If your blender has a clean button use that
  • If the cutting assembly is removable it can be separated for more in depth cleaning.

Sterilising your jar

  • csb-77c_xlgFill the jar with hot water
  • Add around 2 teaspoons of chlorine bleach
  • Stir for 10 seconds
  • Leave the mixture for 5 minutes
  • Empty the mixture
  • Turn jar upside down on a dish rack until drained dry
  • B blender jars can be surprisingly contaminated with germs due to poor hygiene so frequent sterilising is a good idea, you can use other sterilisers such as vegetable based baby bottle steriliser but NEVER use boiling water for this purpose

Cleaning caution

  • vitamix-blenderNever scratch the surface of your jar
  • No stiff brushes
  • No abrasive sponges or pads should be used for cleaning
  • Avoid soaking for more than 5 minutes damage the seals
  • Once clean store the jar upright
  • Most blender jars can be safely washed in the dishwasher on the top rack only
  • Never pour boiling water or liquids into your blender jar
  • Always refer to instructions for cleaning instructions.

Setting up your blender

  • Make sure your surface is clean, dry and flat
  • Make sure the power socket is within 2 feet of your blender
  • Ensure there are no obstructions to the blender vents to allow proper cooling 

Cleaning your blender

  • Turn off the power and unplug
  • You can wipe the base with a soft cloth or damp sponge, using a mild abrasive cleaner
  • Never use a jet of water to clean the base
  • Never soak the base in water.



If your jar is leaking then most likely it is cracked and it needs replacing.

If the bottom is leaking then it is most likely caused by the rubber gasket starting to wear. You will need to unscrew the blade housing taking care not to hurt yourself in the process, it is easy to check the ring shaped rubber for tears, this can easily be replaced, and it is not expensive.

Faulty blades

If the blades are turning slowly the chances there is food gunk clogging the blade assembly area. If you take it apart it can be cleaned thoroughly and if you are confident that it will not do any damage just use some WD40 on the lower part, not the inside part which blends the ingredients.  If this doesn’t work then a new assembly can be replaced, look for the appropriate replacement parts.

blenderButton not working?

Sticky food can get inside and jam up the buttons. On some blenders you can easily take the control panel cover off and clean it with an old toothbrush and some you can unscrew the bottom housing of the unit and check inside for any food debris in the way.

Don’t forget to check your manual, if it is an old blender then there is no harm in troubleshooting yourself but don’t shoot yourself in the foot.  If it is a nice fairly new model, check the warranty first.  Also check that you can do this type of repair before you go ahead.


When it comes to cleaning don’t forget to use a little detergent, a little goes a long way and you may want foam on your cappuccino but you do not want a foaming blender.  Start with a very small amount and also check your manual, if it has a cleaning button all the better.

Just keeping everything clean, taking care with the lid, not overfilling or using liquids that are too hot for your model will help your blender to last longer. Looking to buy one? Check this site for the most affordable blender reviews, I’m sure you won’t be dissappointed with for example the professional reconditioned Vitamix!