Running out of Ideas – A Never Ending Problem!

I totally get it, although I’m not so active on Instagram but I do run two Facebook groups, a page, and a Discord channel so I know exactly how it feels to run out of ideas to post and the best tip I can give you here is too simply NOT post when you are running out of ideas.

There’s nothing as bad as posting lame stuff because your creativity runs dry so sometimes all you need is a break, and once you’re back in the game and still don’t know what to post then it’s time to revisit this post as I’m going to give you some awesome ideas.

Steal ideas from your competitors

This is definitely the easiest way, and although I say steal I don’t mean it literally. You aren’t going to copy word per word from some other influencer but what you will do is visit their blogs to see what they are talking about. Get more involved in discussion groups to see what is hot and what is not. I do this all the time and at some point, you see a problem that is recurring and that’s what you are going to cover.

It’s funny that once I post such a thing I receive much more engagement on such post than I initially expected, sometimes it appears rather lame to me but you have to understand we’re not all in the same position. I’ve been in my niche for years so what looks obvious to me doesn’t look all that obvious to starters so realize this and use it to your advantage.

In case you sell physical products

Your role isn’t always to entertain your audience, it’s not like your the only person they look up at Instagram so sometimes it’s okay to share some more boring things.

Think of features of one of your products, you can put a one-liner in an image with a nice background and just post that. People need to see the same thing over and over before they get convinced enough to give it a try, so you can do this multiple times a week. Just don’t do it every week but during a dry week, this is a great alternative.

You can even theme a particular week as product week and throw in some user reviews as well. Just make sure you remind them it’s only temporarily for that specific week and throw in a special discount as that will cut you a lot of slack.

Memes, quotes, events & holidays

Although this definitely shouldn’t be your main form of content there is nothing wrong by using this as filler content at certain times and places. Do make sure you either come up with some unique quotes that make people think or memes that haven’t been shared too often.

Why share a less popular meme? Because the most popular memes have already been seen by anyone else so that won’t win you any brownie points.

If you are truly out of ideas and on the verge of a break-down it’s perhaps better to outsource the whole process for a while and get back when you are ready. At JonathonSpire they review a fair amount of these services so have a look and I wish you well.