Movie Genres That You Should Explore

Many people like to watch a good movie after a busy day at work. It is one of the best ways to end a day as it does not only provide entertainment value but also makes one knowledgeable. If you type’ best movies to watch’ on the internet, you will get thousands of suggestions which make it hard for you to land at best. You thus need to understand the specific genre that will make your heart melt if you want to have a good time

Action movies

They are the most popular types of movies that attract viewership from all parts of the world. They involve fictional characters and usually have a lot of fighting action. The themes of such movies differ from one situation to the other. Some characters try to dominate new territories and thus fight the original occupants. Some involve combat action where the main characters are members of the army who fight militia groups that have been causing political unrest.

Family/children movies

If you want a genre that will cater to the needs of your young ones, then this is a genre that will come in handy. Most of these types of movies have hidden lessons that kids should unveil. They can either be single movies or even a series with many seasons and episodes. Such movies also grouped based on the age of the target group. Some fit kids that are below five years while others cater to those who are a bit older. Most of these movies are composed based on societal values and upbringing of the target group.


This genre is based on how the videos are produced. Cartoons are good examples of animation where the characters are fictional. The storyline can be derived from other movies or even created from scratch. Anime is a special kind of animation that traces its roots from Japan but has since became popular really quick as some movies were derived from other historic features. The main advantage of animation to the movie’s creators is that they do not incur the costs of paying actors like in other types of movies. There are millions of movies in the animation industry that you can choose from depending on your taste and preferences.


It is another genre that attracts many viewers who like playing detectives. There is always a crime to be uncovered and the suspense is what keeps the viewers asking for more. Some of these movies involve the government, while others deal with instant justice. Crime in such movies can result in murders, drug trafficking or even slavery. There is always a group trying to play the hero while the other side there are some people who commit the crimes. Such movies can take people back in time, assume the present moments or even take people into the future.

Science fiction

We cannot ignore the role that science plays in today’s world. This movie genre banks on the various scientific processes to create a theme that people can enjoy. Some of the most famous ones are those that involve genetic modification which leads to the development of super creatures. Some also show biological weapons that people use to attack or dominate other territories. Such movies use advanced machines and technology is always high-end. The theme of such movies depends on the creators and the message they want to pass around.

Adult movies

This is a million-industry as people try to get into the sexual fantasy world. They have an age limit for access, and it is mostly 18 years. Most of these movies are meant to entertain even though some of them have educational value.


You may have seen people say that laughter is the best medicine. Comedy movies are known to crack people up. They are the best types of movies to watch when you want to relax after a stressful day at work. Some come as single movies while others are series to cater to the needs of different people.

There may a few genres that we have may have omitted but the above ones are the main ones. It is also possible to find a movie that overlaps in more than one genre