Making Money On Instagram as an Artist

Are you sure that you can sell your paintings online? If you can’t, then you are lagging behind because fellow artists are selling their paintings off Instagram. If you have high-quality paintings, you will get bids in your email the moment you post the image of the painting on Instagram.

Instagram provides a platform for artists to reach out to their audience and make sales. It has replaced the traditional art galleries because you can now display your paintings to millions of users without paying for gallery space.

So, how can you transform your Instagram feed into a lucrative revenue stream? This boils down to one thing – attracting more followers and engaging them the right way. But how can you do this?

Post High-Quality Content

As an artist, you can let a piece out the studio until it is perfect, right? Well, you also need some attention to detail when posting the images of the paintings on your Instagram page.

Remember, when you open a page as an artist you aren’t just creating a normal page, you are extending your artistic skills and creativity to this platform. If you give a poor vibe, you are just telling the audience that you are not a designer at heart. Buyers seek to get art from artists who understand the fundamentals of design.

Natural light and a clean background are good options when it comes to delivering the artwork. Use the camera to focus and use natural light to capture the intricate details of the artwork.

Stay Creative

You need to improve your art using incredible content. When your artwork wows people on the platform, they will follow you. They will share the amazing piece of work, and then their audience will follow you. With more followers, you open the doors to sell more artwork.

Use Captions

To make the artwork attract more people, have a line that will hook the users in. let people into the story behind the artwork, your inspiration, the process and more. These simple words can be the inspiration the buyer s looking for in order to whip out the chequebook and write that check.

Post Regularly

Posting at least once or twice on this platform is the best way to keep your audience hooked to your content. No matter the number of times that you post, make sure you keep it regular and consistent. Remember that you need to stay fresh in the minds of the people and not forgotten.

Connect With Your Audience Often

While you might make a few sales on Instagram, you shouldn’t forget the primary role of the app – it is a social media app. Befriend your clients, other artists and influencers who will one day be of help to you. All these groups are important because they will one day share your work to a wider audience. Click here to find out various ways to connect with your audience fast.


Keep in mind the fact that the bigger your Instagram following the higher the chances of getting people to fight over your paintings even before you finish them.