How to perfect your cooking

Cooking is a skill that many try to master but one that just as many fail to. Perfecting the art of preparing food, then cooking it well and afterward presenting it so it looks appetizing on the plate is something which takes years and years of practice. Unfortunately, many people in this modern day and age simply do not have the time or dedication to become a decent cook. Ready meals are becoming more and more prevalent in our lives and this is a trend I am here to help stop. I want to get nice cooking back on the map and introduce everyone to a few simple ideas that they can then use in the kitchen and hopefully start to live a healthier lifestyle with! Let’s lay out the rules below.

Rule 1 

Keep it simple. This is a mistake that an awful lot of people make when they first start experimenting in the kitchen. They all have a tendency to jump straight in at the deep end and try to make a six course meal without learning the basics first. It is the culinary equivalent of learning to run before you can walk. The basics of cooking are very easy to learn and once you have got them in place everything else becomes a whole lot easier. If you build a base of a few elementary ingredients then you will be ready to take on the cooking world. The foods I would say you will always need to have in your armoury are: rice, pasta, mince, chicken, potatoes and how to make a nice sauce/gravy. Once you understand these elements then everything else should fall into place.

Rule 2 

Once the basics have been worked out it is time to prepare your signature dish. Make sure that this is something you like as you will be eating it a lot! You signature dish should be some thing that you find easy to cook and something you will still find delicious at the 50th time of asking. If you do not come up with a dish like this then you will struggle at dinner parties. It is always good to have a fall back option and if you make it a comfort food then you will be laughing. My go to dish is a macaroni cheese and it is something that everyone likes so I’ve never had any complaints about it so far! Once you have nailed your first signature dish then you can begin to move onto a second and a third, but just make sure you remember the first rule of food club….

Rule 3 

Rule three is both the most important one and the cheesiest. Rule 3 is to simply have fun when you are cooking. If you are not enjoying what you are doing then there is no point in doing it and you may as well stop right now thank you very much. Cooking is all about fun. Yes sometimes things may go wrong but at the end of the day what is the worst that could happen? Ohh…right….you could burn the kitchen down. But with a little bit of care and consideration this won’t happen and you will love cooking. It is the perfect way to bond and share experiences with others too as you can get some of the younger members of your family on board to be your sous chef. I think we are all forgetting the best part of cooking though, and that is the end results. Once you have completed all of the hard work of chopping up the food, putting it in the oven and then waiting, watching it cook you finally get your reward! You get to eat the fruits of your labours. It’s not often that this happens. Normally when you take on a new hobby you get a moment of excitement when you are doing it but then it is gone. This is not the same with cooking as you get a second chance when you do the taste test!

Cooking is something I can not recommend highly enough, so get that apron on and get cooking!