How to Maintain Wedding Jewelry

Maintaining wedding jewelry is essential if you are going to preserve its beauty, luster, and value. In other words, appropriately handling engagement and wedding rings will ensure that they still look great for years to come. To make it easy for you, here are maintenance tips that will come in handy whether you’re talking about diamonds, gemstones, silver or even gold.

Be Cautious with Light and Heat

Exposing jewelry to too much heat or light may affect its color and durability. In the long run, it can lead to the fading or damage of certain gemstones including shell cameos, Kunzite, and Amethyst. Jewelry made using delicate materials such as pearls and ivory will bleach when exposed to too much light. Equally, rings made using materials such as amber will darken when you subject them to too much sun. Excess heat or abrupt change of temperature can cause cracks in some gemstones. Heat removes moisture from the gems. Gems need moisture to maintain their beauty.

Keep Chemicals Away from Your Jewelry

Be sure not to expose your jewelry to chemicals if you want them to keep their value. Chemicals can damage and discolor precious metals including gold, platinum, and silver. Chemicals can also damage some colored gems. Be wary of formulations you use on a day-to-day basis such as perfume, lotion, and hairspray as well as other cosmetics because they may contain chemicals that can permanently damage the surface of your jewelry. They can also damage precious gems such as turquoise. Be sure to remove your jewelry before taking a plunge into a chlorinated swimming pool or before using detergents. Most detergents are formulated with ammonia and may damage delicate gemstones or antique rings.

Give Colored Gems Special Care

While you should treat your colored gemstones on a regular basis to enhance the appearance of color and clarity, you should exercise some caution too. Most of the treatments used to treat gemstones and other jewelry can be affected by heat, ultrasonic cleaners, and steam as well as solvents. Find out if your gem has been treated right from the point of purchase because it will help you know how to take care of it. Before buying any jewelry, ask for its GIA (Gemological Institute of America) report. The GIA report has all the information you would want to know about the gem including the treatments it has undergone.

Store Your Jewelry Safely

How you store your jewelry ultimately determines how long you will keep it in a good state. Keep it safe! Never toss jewelry into a drawer or on top of a dresser because doing so only leaves it scratched and damaged. Get a jewelry box with portioned slots for storing rings. Also, you can hang bracelets and necklaces on individual posts. Opals and pearls tend to draw moisture from the air, thus, should be stored in a dry area.

The Bottom Line

See, other than making sure that your big day turns out to be a perfect one you need to understand how to protect your treasured jewelry to keep it sparkling for generations to come. And, speaking of your big day be sure to visit to discover James Barlow and how his singing services will add the missing sparkle to your wedding.