How to Find a Reliable Storage Company in the UK

Finding a storage company in the UK shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes really, simply head over to Google and there will be an abundance of companies that can take care of your valuables, or your less-valuable if you have big stuff to store. Just inform about the size of their units so that you don’t drive there and end up disappointed, oh and don’t forget to ask if your preferred size is available.


One of the largest self-storage companies you will find in the United Kingdom, with locations spread throughout the country. At the moment they have an amazing offer for long-term contracts where you only pay one pound for the first month. It really can’t get any better than that can it?


For large-sized storage needs, this should be your number one choice as they offer a wide range of options in the shape of canopies and shelters. One of their featured products is work shelters, which are in fact huge tents of sturdy polyester. You can easily store your truck there for a long time without it being affected by the weather.

Do you need something even bigger?

Their container canopies vary from 10mtr to 14mtr in width so I’m not sure what you want to store but you won’t run out of space anytime soon. Heck, they even offer small aircraft hangers for small airplanes. Although this is not a storage company as in where you hire the space. They actually sell those container tents and canopies so maybe that’s not what you’re looking for so we move on to the next one.


Smartlock offers a self-storage solution in Blacksburg, so if that’s where you’re located I would definitely pay them a visit. It’s not a very high-tech storage facility so if you have expensive goods to store it might not be your number one choice but for regular furniture and garage stuff they offer a very affordable solution to store your stuff for as long as you want. Knowing they’ve been in business for over 10 years and not a single negative review gives me enough confidence to go with them.

The Box Room

If you are more in the proximity of South Hampton then pay them a visit, or give them a call to see what they have to offer and if they aren’t fully booked. You don’t want to end up disappointed of course. This is one of those high-tech storage facilities where they up the security a notch. Not just for your regular stuff but perfect for your bookkeeping as well or any other documents or high-value items. No matter if you’re an individual or a company they offer solutions for both and obviously they sell packaging and run a removal company on the side so you’re covered on all fronts.

In Conclusion

Is finding a self-storage company hard? I don’t think so, it took me only 15 minutes to find one that fits my needs and in that same amount of time I called them, made a reservation and appointment to bring my stuff. Don’t make things harder than they are. Just use Google.