Handy Security Tips for your Business

It takes more than a foolproof data security system to keep your business secure. Your premises security should be adequate to keep buglers at bay and your workers safe. A single break-in, for instance, could wipe years of investment and bring your business to its knees. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. These small business security tips will help keep criminal activity in check.

Know Which Worker has Access to What

Sure, you want to create the best working environment for your employees. Even then, you should have a system to identify which worker goes into specific sections of your business. A receptionist or cleaner, for example, has no business going into the cash office. The idea is to make sure that every worker is responsible for the duties assigned and should be accountable if anything goes wrong.

One of the easiest ways to control your employees is to issue them with ID badges. Latest ID cards come with built-in chips to restrict the movement of your workers within the premises. And, getting ID cards that will get the job done shouldn’t be hard if you know where to look. Start by identifying a reputable badge maker and discuss the security features of your cards. Be sure to ask for their ID badge collection to have an idea of what to expect with your cards.

The Lighting

Make sure that your business premise is well-lit, particularly at night to distract potential burglars. Fix adequate lighting on every entryway and exit of the building. Depending on the location of your business, you may leave one or two lights on at night to give the outside world a perception something might be going on inside. A motion detector will come in handy too.

The Doors

A good door for your business should be sturdy. Choose one made from materials such steel or solid wood. If your business has a garage door, make sure that you always secure the doors padlocks. Reinforce any glass panels on your does to minimize the risk of a break in.

The Windows

Statistics indicate that burglars are likely to gain access to your business premise through the windows.  Cover all the windows with burglar-proof material to reduce vulnerability. You should also confirm that a burglar can’t reach the door lock by breaking the window. In fact you should consider placing heavy merchandise or equipment in front of unused windows to deter break-ins.

The Keys

Don’t give each and every employee the keys to your business. Only authorized workers should carry the keys. Also, code and number the keys to make tracking easy. And in case a key gets lost or misplaced, make sure that you change all the corresponding keys.

The Bottom Line

Put the correct measures in place to secure your business. Clutter the outside and clear bushes if any. Don’t forget to install security cameras too. Remember, the more secure your business is, the lesser the insurance premium.