Doomsday Could Be Coming Any Day – Get Yourself a Generator Now

The world we live in is on the brink of irreversible environmental disaster, filled with countries stockpiling nuclear weapons which could fall into the hands of terrorists who are hell bent on destroying the free world and is running out of its main source of fuel at a staggering rate. Then there are the unpredictable and unstoppable forces of nature like earthquakes and tsunamis.

And they call us paranoid?

250_AMP_DIESEL_WELDING_GENERATORBy us of course I mean the people who recognize the frailty of our society and the ease with which our imposed civilization can crumble back to jungle law. People call us ‘Survivalists’, ‘Preppers’, or even plain paranoid, but the fact remains that major disasters occur all over the world with alarming regularity and no prior notice.

One of the first things that you will want to add to your arsenal is the best portable generator money can buy. The first thing that goes down in any sort of crisis is the electricity grid. Without a power generator, anything food that you have stockpiled is at risk for getting spoiled, you will have no access to heating or air conditioning and all electricity run devices will run out of juice in a matter of hours.

There are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind when looking for a portable generator. The unit should be light and as compact as possible, since you may have to carry it with you as you scout for shelter or set up camp. The unit should also be completely self-contained. This means that the generator unit should have everything needed to provide power without being dependent on any other accessory devices since that would completely defeat the purpose of the generator.

How powerful should the generator be?

674840This is a difficult question to answer since a delicate balance has to be struck between the size of the generator and the power it produces. Try and figure out the appliances you want to run on the generator. A typical fridge requires somewhere around 2200 watts to start up and then runs on 700 watts thereafter. This means that the generator has to be capable of producing at least 2200 watts to start your generator.

Keep in mind that while you will be typically using more than one device on the generator at one time, you will have to ration the usage and monitor the fuel in the event of an emergency.

A portable generator of 4000 watts should cover most of your needs without being too bulky or heavy.

Stock up on fuel

Deutz-Stamford-Standby-Diesel-Generator-SetAll of these generators run on gas, so make sure that you have some amount of gas stored away as well. This can be managed in case of advanced warnings as in the case of severe storms and tornados, however an earthquake does not afford the same luxury.

Fuel is sure to become one of the most important commodities in such scenarios so having a healthy supply at home all the time is a good idea.

Doomsday could be coming any day – get yourself a generator now and make sure you are prepared for whatever fate has in store.