Ditch the Stink: Ways to Bike Commute Without Causing a Stink

You save some money, you keep fit and you help keep the environment safe – but cycling to work comes with a major downside. This is an exercise that uses all your body muscles. The outcome is perspiration. Sweat makes you stink, and changes your professional look.

So, how do you get to the office looking sharp and smelling nice when you just cycled 10 miles to work? There are a few pointers to help you safeguard your work clothes (and your career as well) during the ride.

Have Enough Time

If you are late for work or you don’t have enough time to cycle to work, use the car, get a cab or take a bus. Don’t try to make up for lost time by cycling like mad – you will get to work sweating, flustered and stinking, and most probably still late for work. Have a large time allowance for a gentle ride. Additionally, have some extra time to cool off before you settle down at your desk.

Fix Mudguards

If you plan to cycle to work in your suit as opposed to your riding clothes, then you definitely need to fit mudguards. Mudguards protect your back and trouser legs from the splashes, especially on wet days. These splashes ruin your suit, and make you look unpresentable.

Opt for a Pannier

Your rucksack might seem convenient and easy to strap on your back, but it also heats your back and makes you sweat. The result: unsightly patches on your office shirt. Instead of the rucksack, use a pannier that is compatible with your bike.

Reduce the Load

The more items you load on your bike, the more effort you need to ride it quickly due to the heavier load. While the personal trainer might say this is a good thing when it comes to exercising, your suit gets all the sweat. One of the ways to reduce the load is by leaving your laptop at work. Carry any important documents on a thumb drive.

Get a Good Quality Bike

Cyclingplaza offers top of the range road bikes that have been engineered to reduce the effort needed to ride them. An innovative gear system makes it easier to cycle without breaking into a sweat.

Additionally, the best road bikes for using a suit on need to be upright so that you can easily swing the leg over. A racing bike is ideal if you are a Spandex person, but as a suit wearer, you need to stay as upright as possible.

Carry Your Suit in Your Bag

If you hate sweat patches, wear a t-shirt while cycling and bag up your suit. Iron the suit in advance, and bag it up in such a way that you minimize creasing. The only downside is that you have to set aside some more time to suit up, but it would be worth the time.

The practice of cycling to work has become so popular that bike manufacturers have come up with a handy suit cycle bag. This bag is designed specifically to hold your suit during the ride.

Use Wet Wipes

This needs no explanation. If your office doesn’t have a shower installed, have plenty of wet wipes at hand to have a rub down before donning the suit.

Ride at a Moderate Speed

You can bike at a moderate pace to work, though this will require you to get out early. Dont mind, even at this pace you get to strengthen your muscles and break out in a sweat.

Stay Hydrated

Carry a bottle of water as you ride. Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your body cool and keeps your temperature in check. Add some glucose into the water for some extra energy. You can as well take the car when the weather is hot or humid so that you avoid the sweaty palms and armpits.

Final Words

One of the top issues with         riding a bicycle to work is the sweat and stench you generate. However, there are ways that you can avoid this sweat. As much as you are riding the bike, the company requires you to look professional when you arrive each day. Use these tips to make sure you stay professional and smart, and still enjoy the benefits the bike has to offer.