Building Your Instagram Following The Right Way

2 billion active users and still counting, social media has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. This has made such platforms the best places for businesses to connect with customers, build their brand awareness, sell their products and boost their marketing strategy.

One of the latest trends in social media is the use of visuals. Customers have come to find that reading blocks upon blocks of text is tough, which is why platforms that use visuals to engage customers are making strides especially in building their brand. One such platform is Instagram. This platform sees more than 70 million photo updates each day, making it a darling to most consumers.

If you belong to the travel, fashion and food industry, Instagram is what you need. This app is free for your customers to download and use. However, it is so unfortunate that only 3 out of 10 businesses active on social media have an active Instagram account. Those who have this account don’t know how to use it. One of the requirements of making it big on Instagram is having Instagram followers. Let’s see how you can get more of these followers to become a hit on this platform.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Popular hashtags help you reach a targeted audience on Instagram. Having relevant hashtags gives free users the chance to engage with brands. Most users can load the maximum number of hashtags – 30 in their posts. More relevant hashtags equate to more likes on your Instagram post. A study found out that the posts having more than 11 hashtags received the maximum attention from Instagram followers.

So, how do you come up with relevant hashtags for your Instagram photos? Well, this process is very similar to what you do when performing keyword research.  Go ahead and find out the relevant hashtags that your brand advocates and competitors are using and use the knowledge to get more followers. You can also use sites that compile popular hashtags every day and use them.

Hold a Photo Contest to Expand the Reach of Your Brand

There are various contests you can host on Instagram, the best being the hashtag user-generated contest (UGC). This contest requires you to invite your followers to generate and submit visuals regarding your brand. Doing this will deepen the relationship you have with your users and increase your reach. You end up with more followers in the long run.

So, how do you do it? Come up with a goal and decide on the metrics for evaluating the performance of the contestants. For direction, you can check out some of the contests run by your competitors. Search for popular hashtags relevant to your niche. Once the contest is finalized, take time and promote the results on social media.

Use Emoticons

This is the fastest growing communication language globally. The use of emojis personalizes your messages, making sure the conversations are more engaging and you gain more followers. Research shows that nearly 50 percent of all the captions and comments posted on Instagram have an emoji. Therefore, don’t hesitate to integrate them in your updates so that you can express yourself better.

To start, know the top emojis and what they represent. Make use of them in various posts to get the reaction you desire.

Automate the Task

Instead of taking time to add followers to your Instagram page, you can do this by use of an Instagram bot. The bot automates the whole process and reduces the efforts you have to put in to get the followers you need to leave a mark on Instagram. However, make sure that the bot you use is tried and proven to work. Using a bot also makes it easy to get targeted followers – those that are relevant to your niche. Click here to find out the best bot and know what it can offer you.

Final Thoughts

Getting more followers on Instagram is the sure fire way to have an impact on this platform. Make sure you have relevant hashtags and you follow the latest trends that will give you the following you need. When you need more followers in the shortest time possible, go for an Instagram bot, which frees your hands and allows you to automate the whole process.