Are there any effective Instagress alternatives?

Instagress has been shut down and it looks very unlikely it will reappear on the Instagram Bot market again. This is very unfortunate as it was the leading automated service at the time. It was shut down by Instagram after a series of crackdowns against the use of automated services on their social media platform. Instagram believes that using an automated service to gain followers is unnatural and is against its terms of use.

How did the crackdown effect the Bot market?

The crackdown resulted in the shutdown of many leading automated services. This affected the market and many Bot users. Bot users were primarily implementing these services for business purposes to grow a big following in order to market their brand and products.

How is Instagram used for marketing purposes?

Having a large following on Instagram is essential if you want your marketing campaign to be successful as you will have a larger target audience that you can funnel onto your website and turn into potential customers.

How do Bots gain followers for your Instagram account?

Bots will gain followers for your account through engagement methods. On popular method is to find related accounts, follow them, like and comment on their posts. This is done in hopes that the user will reciprocate your engagement and follow you back. However, a follow back is not guaranteed. Doing this manually can be a very time-consuming process. Investing so much time in engaging with Instagram users to grow your account could take away from other areas of your business. This is why users are outsourcing to Instagram Bots.

Instagram will do these repetitive engagement tasks on autopilot. This means you do not have to spend time doing it yourself. Just program the Bot with your target audience and the Bot will constantly work by engaging with users.

The current situation

There are new Bots being launched onto the market. They are joining the older ones to make it more competitive. This has made the automated service market grow and become stronger. People are looking for effective Bots that will successfully grow their account. One of their biggest concerns is how safe the Bot is to use with fear of investing in a service and it becoming shut down and it affecting their account.

There are many safe options to choose from. You can read more here to find out some of the best Instagress alternatives and automated services to grow your Instagram account more information here.