Air Compressors Compared- An Ultimate Buying Guide

400_18726_1 Since their invention about a century ago, air compressors have become vital appliances for both home and commercial use. They are preferred because they deliver clean and safe air in a flexible and convenient manner. Due technological advancement, the market is today vast with many brands and models of air compressors making it difficult for people looking for the right brand to purchase.

If you find yourself in this position, then I bet you will benefit from this post which looks into the currently available air compressor brands and compares their major differentiating features and specifications through a perfect analysis. The main aim of this post is to arm you with enough information to help you make the right decision if you are looking for the best air compressor to purchase.

The Main Types of Air Compressors

1762-20110714-1833-29316-Husky-Husky-8-Gallon-Oil-Lubricated-Air-CompressorAs previously mentioned, air compressors differ in terms of design, size, functional capabilities and price. These suit them for different applications to address the needs and preferences in the market. Below are the different types, styles and designs of air processors to consider:

  • Twin-Stack air compressors

Twin-stack air compressors are perfect choice for those who want appliances that they will not use often. The most important advantage of this type is that it offers enough room for air storage. Twin-stack is especially great for carpenters and they are available contractor-grade and consumer-grade models. You can choose between electric-powered and gas-powered. The electric brands are more convenient because of portability and therefore suitable for job sites and other heavy-duty applications.

  • Portable single-stage compressors¬†

If you want air compressor for frequent usage them portable single-step types are perfect choices. They have more powerful engines and improved compressor pumps making them more expensive than most other types. The best brands should be equipped with large wheels for easy maneuverability. The wheels also absorb vibrations thereby reducing rattling and absorbing shock.

  • AIR-CONDITIONING-COMPRESSORTruck-mount compressors¬†

Although truck mount air compressors are hefty to handle, they are the most powerful of all the types of air compressors. The good thing is that they are portable since they weigh several hundred pounds because the truck does the work for you. They have very large storage tanks, dependable pumps and extraordinary/unusual CFM (cubic feet per minute) abilities which enable them to run larger tools all day. The only drawback is that you can only use it in a place accessible to a truck.

  • Wheelbarrow compressors

This air compressor is suitable for demobilization and or construction jobsites. They feature very powerful engines and are equipped with larger reservoirs. They are constructed with more heavy-duty materials and can handle difficult conditions. Each is designed with a single wheel and a sturdy handle which makes that portable despite that fact that they can weigh upto 300 pounds.


The above listed are the most common air compressor types. The other types you might want to consider include DC compressors which are wired to DC voltage system of cars, Hot Dog compressors meant for crafts and hobby people, commercial air compressors for extreme applications and two-stage air compressors. Consider your needs and match them with the type of air compressor you believe is suitable.