A Pick Of The Top 5 Air Compressors In 2015

If you are looking for an air compressor, you will be surprised to find out that there are so many brands in the market. Unless you have the time to research the qualities and features of each of the brands available, you may end up buying a unit that is not ideal for your needs. You have thus made a good decision by visiting this page where we have done a review of the top 5 air compressors in 2015. When shopping for an air conditioner, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. The most important consideration is how you intend to use the air compressor unit. Once you are clear on the expected functions of the unit, then you can choose one with a capacity that suits your needs. Other considerations include whether you want a unit with a quiet operation or whether you need a gasoline or electrical powered unit.

Here is a review of the top air compressors in 2015 for various types of needs.

The Makita MA2400 2.5 HP Air Compressor

Makita MA2400 2.5 HP Air CompressorThe fact that this unit is manufactured by a company with vast knowledge in power tools means that it is a quality product. It does not in any way disappoint because it delivers a lot of power at 4.2 CFM and at 90 PSI and can therefore handle numerous tasks. The unit has an oil lubricated pump for a cooler operation. If you are looking for a quiet operation, you will love this unit because its pumps runs at 1730 RPM which makes it one of the quietest in the market. The unit is also very well designed and can last for many years courtesy of the cast iron material used in building it. The best thing about this compressor is that it is powerful enough to be used for both domestic and industrial functions.

The Porter-Cable C2002 Air Compressor

Porter-Cable C2002 Air CompressorIf you are looking for great value for money and great functionality the Porter-Cable is the unit you need. If you need an air compressor to get some simple tasks done at home, this unit is your best bet. The fact that it can deliver 90 PSI of pressure at 2.6 CFM means that it offers you a great deal. This pancake-type unit is extremely portable and is very easy to use around the home. The unit has a 5 gallon air tank that is more than enough for all your tasks. The tank comes with a water drain valve that expels any moisture that may have built up inside the tank.

Campbell Hausfeld 5180 Air CompressorCampbell Hausfeld 5180 Air Compressor

If you are looking for a powerful stationery air compressor for the heavy duty tasks, the Campbell Hausfeld 5180 is exactly what you need. The unit with 80 gallons and 5 HP is one of the most powerful in the market. The fact that it delivers 14CFM and has a maximum of 175 PSI allows it to effortlessly power a number of tools.

California CAT 6310California CAT 6310

If you live in a populated residential area or in a place where there are noise restrictions, the California CAT 6310 is the best unit for you. It has a very quiet operation at 60 decibels yet it delivers great power. The unit has a 1.0 HP motor that runs at 1680 RPM which accounts for the quiet operation. The unit delivers power at a maximum pressure of 120 PSI.

Senco PC 1010Senco PC 1010

Made by a company that understands the needs of its customers, the Senco PC 1010 is a great air compressor for domestic use. The unit can deliver a maximum pressure of up to 120 PSI and comes with a 1 gallon tank. Considering that you may want to use it indoors, it offers a convenient and quiet operation.