3 Ways that Can Give You Peace of Mind When You’re Offered a New Job at a New Location

Picture this:

Your employer tells you he has good news: you got a promotion.

He says you now get to work on the field from an administrative position. It’s a good thing because it’s what you’ve been wanting for years now.

Sure, your desk job doesn’t bring you stress. But it’s quite boring.

For someone who’s young and able, you should be using your energy wisely. You should get out there!

And this promotion is definitely music to your ears. The only minor concern is it’s in a new place.

This means you’ll leave some – if not all — things behind.

To give you peace of mind about leaving, here’s what you can do:

1 – Finish Your “Unfinished” Business

Whatever it is, you need to come to terms with it. Otherwise, it could come into your mind unexpectedly. And if it does, you might have a relatively difficult time pushing it aside.

For example, you owe money to your old colleague. Because she moved to a new office within the same city, you figured you won’t have to pay her back. After all, you probably won’t be seeing her again.

Well, maybe you won’t run into her again. But the fact remains that you owe her money.

And your financial debt to her will still be there unless you take a proactive action to settle it.

2 – Get Rid of Your Belongings (Or Keep Them Safe)

Because you’ll be moving into a new location, you could be needing new things, too. You can buy a new desk, lamp, and/or chair.

But what about your old possessions?

An option is to just leave them as is. After all, they’re materials that you can easily replace.

If your belongings carry no sentimental value to you, that option seems fine.

But if they do, you should see how they go. In favor of leaving them as is, why not ensure they’ll be in good hands after they were under your care?

You could give them away to family and friends. Or you could rent a storage unit and store them there.

If you go with the latter, SmartLockStorage offers a great storage solution. With it, quality and affordable storage solutions are headed your way.

3 – Say Goodbye

Sudden exits can be less difficult in the short run. But they could end up causing major problems for you and your relationships. And in some cases, the dent you put in your bond with people can be permanent.

Leaving without saying goodbye is also barbaric because you’re intentionally leaving your loved ones hanging. It’s undiplomatic. You are giving them a reason to worry unnecessarily.

If your reason for not informing them of your exit is to prevent them from following you to your new life, the practical thing to do is to tell them about it – as harsh as it may be.

Otherwise, they might think something bad has happened to you. They could also think you’re missing.

So instead of skipping town without a proper goodbye, let your loved ones know. Respect them enough to tell them you’re closing a chapter in your life.


Getting around to doing these things can give you peace of mind. And if you want to start a new life somewhere else, peace of mind is definitely what you need!